Subtitling Services

We provide dubbing and subtitling services for commercials, documentaries, drama series, and tele-features. Our services include script translation, subtitling and system transfer

With eByblos Language Services team, you are assured that your production is dubbed or subtitled by professionals and edited and reviewed more than once to ensure that our high quality complements your hard work, and our knowledge and expertise complement your talent and skill.

Offline Subtitling

Our professional subtitling preparation software is used by broadcasters and subtitling houses worldwide. It can be used to produce subtitles easily, efficiently and accurately for any recorded media. It supports a comprehensive range of media and file formats, ensuring compatibility with all production and delivery requirements.

Live and News Subtitling

Our subtitling software blends the human skills of the subtitler or translator with state-of-the art audiovisual analysis and speech processing. This delivers high productivity and greater accuracy - the advanced features assist in capturing accurate timecodes, checking spelling and timing, and ensuring that files are consistent with client specifications. It is capable of working in any language and delivering to any format:

  • DVB subtitles
  • Non-linear editors
  • Digital cinema
  • Web Streaming