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eByblos Language Services is a leading provider of language and translation solutions to business clients in the Arab World. We specialize in translation of business documents across all major languages, with particular strength in banking, finance, law, engineering and construction related material. Our team of translators, editors and proofreaders has extensive experience in the translation of a great variety of business documents, including annual reports, contracts, banking and investment placement documents, investor reports, accounting records, feasibility studies, insurance, marketing material, tender documents, building specifications and more...

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Legal Translation

We maintain very high standards in the translation of legal documents and pay meticulous attention to linguistic and legal detail. Out track record has allowed us to develop strong long-term relationships both with major legal firms as well as the legal and contracts departments of a growing number of multinational corporations.

We provide professional legal translation services of a wide variety of documents, including memoranda and articles of association, private and public placement memoranda and documentation, sale and purchase contracts, operation and management contracts, construction contracts, lease contracts, Istisna, Murabahah, Mudharabah, Ijarah and other Islamic finance contracts..

Banking & Finance Translation

We are the translators of choice of many major banks in the Middle East and North Africa. Our client base includes Islamic and traditional commercial and investment banks, central banks and monetary agencies, including Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency, Arcapita Bank, Al Salam Bank Bahrain, Oasis Capital Bank, Saudi Investment Bank, Saudi British Bank, Qatar First Islamic Bank, Arabah Capital, Alrajhi Capital, and Alrajhi Bank.

We translate investment placement documentation, investor reports, portfolio and fund documentation, procedures manuals, valuation reports, annual and quarterly reports, financial statements, shareholders agreements, purchase and sale agreements, marketing documents, corporate communications and public relations documents.

Marketing & Public Relations Translation

We provide language and translation services and support to government and private sector organizations and advertising agencies and play a vital role in the success of their marketing and public relations campaigns. Our client base includes Bahrain Economic Development Board, Bahrain Investors' Centre, Bahrain Ministry of Information, Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, Riyadh Chamber of Commerce, Interstate Team, Vision Bahrain, Gatehouse Bank plc, and The Bridge Partnership.

We translate and/or write marketing collateral and advertising copy, product brochures, operation and maintenance manuals, marketing presentations, marketing agreements, annual reports, and other PR documents. We also provide interpreting and language support services at marketing events. We also develop full service websites or website modules of any document, and supply searchable CDs/DVDs of documents and reports, thus minimizing the need for distribution of printed collateral.

Engineering & Technical Translation

Our vast experience in engineering and technical translation includes civil, architectural, electrical, electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, HVAC, sanitary, and more. We are the translators of choice of Bahrain's Ministry of Works. Our clients include Saudi Oger, Doxiadis, Saud Consult, El Seif, Mawarid Construction, Mawarid Holding, to name a few. We translate project specifications, BOQs, tender documents, prequalification documents, tender proposals, and progress reports.

Military & Security Translation

Our military and security translation experience was gained through working for the Saudi Ministry of Interior, Saudi Ministry of Defense and their contractors, including Saudi Groups, Raytheon, Siemens, BAE Systems, and Intergraph Saudi Arabia Limited, translating documents covering a range of subjects from air defense systems, border security systems, and military avionics and aerospace electronics, to Coast Guard hovercraft, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Artillery Fire Direction Sets, Level Fire Control Sets, Light Aiming Posts, Firing Scale Sets, Scale Graphical Sets, Military Graphics Computers, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Video & Laser Targeting Simulation, Anti-Terrorist Technology including Bomb Disposal Vehicles and explosives and bomb detection systems.

Medical Translation

Our medical translation services are provided to clients throughout the Middle East and North Africa, ranging from simple medical reports to complete specifications of Military Deployable Medical Systems for field hospitals. Our client base includes AMI International, Jamjoum Medical, SITCO Pharma, Mawarid Medical, El Seif Group, King Fahd National Guard Hospital, FAL Group, and others.

Information Technology Translation

Clients include Atheeb Intergraph and Intergraph Middlie East Ltd. who in turn provide their services to companies and organizations such as Saudi Aramco, SABIC, JUPC, YANPET, ADNOC, Ras Gas (Qatar), the Military Survey Departments of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Egypt and Pakistan, the Saudi Telecom Company, Batelco, Omantel, the Municipalities of Riyadh, Jeddah, Kuwait, Aleppo, Dubai, Sharjah and Al Ain, and the Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs. Translations provided includes over 200 operation and training manuals of Intergraph systems supplied to Saudi Telecom as part of an $ 80 million project.

Website Translation

Arabic is the mother tongue of over 300 million people in 22 Arab countries. While many Arabs use English or French as their preferred language on the Internet, the majority of Arabs, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Syria must use Arabic, due to foreign language capability limitations. So, if you are interested in selling your products in any of these countries, you would do better with an Arabic language presence on the Internet.

Our professional marketing experts, copywriters, and web builders will go through your web site, study your products and strategy, and Arabicize your website to appeal to Arab consumers. We offer to create a mirror image of your web site in Arabic, or we can develop an entirely new web site for you especially designed for Arab consumers.