Writing Services

A few words which grab your eye in a magazine or on a web page... curiosity which makes you open an e-mail message as you discard a dozen others... personal appeal which makes some brands "yours"... a promise which makes you want to try something or own it..

Creative Copywriting can build a brand, make the phone ring, deliver orders to your mailbox, and bring customers back once again. It's a powerful force, and it can be yours. Thinking strategically is the key to creative copywriting.

We'll develop a smart, winning creative strategy... steer you clear of common marketing pitfalls... and deliver fresh, on-target creative work on time and on budget.

Just e-mail your copy notes to us, and we will give you creative copy written with your target audience in mind...

Annual Reports and Marketing Collateral

We translate and/or write marketing collateral and advertising copy, product brochures, operation and maintenance manuals, marketing presentations, marketing agreements, annual reports, and other PR documents. We also provide interpreting and language support services at marketing events. We also develop full service websites or website modules of any document, and supply searchable CDs/DVDs of documents and reports, thus minimizing the need for distribution of printed collateral.

Web Content Copywriting

Arabic is the mother tongue of over 300 million people in 22 Arab countries. While many Arabs use English or French as their preferred language on the Internet, the majority of Arabs, particularly in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and Syria must use Arabic, due to foreign language capability limitations.

So, if you are interested in selling your products in any of these countries, you would do better with an Arabic language presence on the Internet. Our professional marketing experts, copywriters, and web builders will go through your web site, study your products and strategy, and Arabicize your website to appeal to Arab consumers. We offer to create a mirror image of your web site in Arabic, or we can develop an entirely new web site for you especially designed for Arab consumers.